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The fastest and simplest path to your ideal payment stack

Accelerate your time-to-compliance by eliminating nearly 90% of PCI DSS Level 1 requirements using Basis Theory

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Basis Theory PCI Blueprint

Own your cardholder data in minutes without the costs and distractions of building and maintaining your own PCI environment.

Build-to-spec or build-to-suit

Reduce the lift and time-to-compliance with configurable templates inspired by popular card use cases and helpful developer documentation.

Embeddable, user-friendly forms

Modify UI components designed to collect and reveal cardholder data without exposing yourself to PCI scope.

Out-of-the-box access controls

Tailor application permissions to enable or restrict access to cardholder data.

Payment-ready tokens

Start with existing token properties designed to unlock critical payment operations.


Store cardholder data

Spin up your own PCI Level 1 cardholder environment in seconds.


Gather evidence

Report on configuration changes made to support PCI audits.

Handsfree encryption

Enjoy the latest in encryption and a built-in key management services.

Set restriction policies

Enforce access policies with fine-grain controls.

Collect and reveal cardholder data

Use embeddable forms that match the look and feel of your website.

Convert and support users when and where it matters most

Our modern, React building blocks capture and display cardholder information without exposing your website or application to PCI scope.


Convert more users and grab more cards with UI components designed and optimized for humans.

Reveal BETA

Increase transactions by making your users' cardholder information readily and safely available to them through your UI.


Facilitate transactions with cardholder data

Unlock new payment providers, partners, and products by controlling the flow of payment information.

Send and receive cardholder data with any processor or endpoint

Route tokens and plaintext PANs to and from your Basis Theory environment with configurable HTTP proxies and serverless functions.

Do even more with your tokens


Query your cardholder data without decrypting it.


Identify duplicative card data within your environment.


Format tokens to meet existing database schemas or operations.

What makes Basis Theory different?


Building the modern compliance stack

Benefit from our partnerships with industry-leading compliance services and auditors. Together we make doing the right thing simpler, faster, and more affordable.
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A new, better kind of partner

Avoid vendor lock-in

Don't let a vendor—or us—hold your data hostage. With Basis Theory, you can take your data at any time.

Open access and documentation

Don't wait for sales. Get instant access to our PCI-compliant environment and developer docs. No credit card required.

White glove support

Change is hard. We'll make it easier with dedicated developer support and during your integration or migration.

"Basis Theory made us PCI compliant in a day, rather than months. The team has been a delight to work with and they beat other tokenization platforms on cost."
Ethan Lacey


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