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We've joined forces with Secureframe to help companies get PCI Level 1 certified in weeks.

We're providing the fastest and simplest path to PCI Level 1 certification

Eliminate and streamline over 95% of the effort to become PCI compliant when you use both Secureframe and Basis Theory.

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How do Basis Theory and Secureframe help?


Instant cardholder environment

Secure card data within Basis Theory and skip the decisions, resources, and configurations of building and maintaining an in-house  cardholder environment.

Streamline the PCI compliance process

Secureframe is the leading, all-in-one security and privacy compliance automation platform. Secureframe simplifies the PCI process into a few key steps by automating technical evidence gathering through integrations, automated tests, policy templates and more to meet operational controls, saving you hundreds of hours.

Enjoy faster, cheaper audits

Accelerate your time-to-certification even more with turnkey audits conducted by QSA partners familiar with Secureframe and Basis Theory implementations.

Why Basis Theory?

Go beyond compliance and security. Get complete control over your card data without the ongoing costs and risks of building and maintaining your own PCI infrastructure and program.

Build your ideal payment infrastructure

Tailor your tokens, routing services, and embedded forms to meet your unique needs.

Gain continuous compliance and security

Protect your data and compliance posture with systems designed and maintained by experts.

Control access and permissions

Set and enforce security, compliance, and risk policies on your sensitive data that align to existing access policies.

What is tokenization, and how does it help PCI compliance?

Replacing card data with tokens in your environment significantly reduces or eliminates PCI compliance scope and reporting requirements, helping you bypass the costs and risks of storing it yourself.
Basis Theory goes a step further, providing developers the infrastructure, tokens, and services needed to use card data like plaintext.

Tokenizing credit card data for PCI Compliance

Developer and business-friendly

  • Convert customers with customizable and embeddable forms
  • Unlock new partnerships, products, or customer experiences with configurable token properties
  • Save time and money by managing your implementation as code


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