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What is tokenization and why is it becoming the most popular approach to securing ACH data?

In this conversation, Nacha and Basis Theory break down the new data security requirements defined by Nacha and how data tokenization can help you secure ACH data.


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Meet our speakers


amy-headshotAmy Morris

Senior Director, Nacha

Amy Morris is a Senior Director of ACH Network Rules at Nacha, leading and participating in working groups in the payments industry, collaborating with participants on changes to operating Rules and educational activities. Amy has over twenty years of experience, previously working at Navy Federal Credit Union, FIS, and Visa.

bb-headshotBrian Billingsley

COO, Basis Theory
Brian Billingsley is the Co-Founder and COO of Basis Theory. Brian is a recognized eCommerce, payments, and consumer credit industry leader. Before co-founding Basis Theory, Brian was the CRO for ModoPayments and CEO of Klarna North America. Brian also held leadership positions with Alliance Data Systems (now Bread Financial) and FIS.